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Friday, 21 September 2012

CO2 #1 French Rats Fed GMOs Turn Out Looking Shockingly Like Americans Fed GMOs. (via FearLess)

The GMOs in the French study were approved for human consumption in the US after just a 90 day rat feeding study. Subsequently, they have gone into our American food supply and today more than 70% of the food we consume contains Genetically Modified Organisms. Over the same period of time we've become a very sick nation while countries who have avoided/banned or labeled GMOs have faired much better. France has been very skeptical of GMOs and has required labeling on any product consuming GMOs. Their recent study is one of the only long term feeding studies, unless of course you include the feeding study being conducted on the American public. Perhaps that's why the results look so much like the epidemics we are facing as a nation. More tumors. More damaged organs. 

Check the source of this study here: RatsGMO  

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