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Thursday, 27 September 2012

CO2 #1 A Case for the Maximum Wage: David Le Page at TEDxTableMountain (via TED)

David Le Page is a sustainability journalist and editor living in Cape Town. He has worked in advertising, for the Mail & Guardian and the Treatment Action Campaign. His writing concentrates on the deep cultural and social roots of the sustainability challenge, and the potential for creating a restorative economy. He is a huge fan of ecological restoration and its immense potential for recreating a world with as much life and wonder as that inherited by our ancient forebears. In his talk, David explores how across the world, and in South Africa particularly, extreme and growing inequality is one of the greatest root causes of economic, environmental and political destruction and instability. We claim to hate poverty yet shrink from understanding that extreme poverty is an effect of the existence of extreme wealth. Much greater equality -- between classes, countries, biological domains and generations -- would benefit everyone, including today's very rich. More than that, it has become essential to our very survival.

See this video-mark of sustainability: MaximumWageLePag 

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