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Friday, 16 November 2012

CO2 #1 The British don't want to live in new-build homes. No wonder (via The Guardian)

Only well-designed homes with space to live in will appeal to people's aspirations and tackle the undersupply of housing.

Imagine you're a salesman trying to sell a brand new car to a group in which only one in every four potential buyers even consider what you offer. Add to that a shortage of loans to buy the car, and an even shorter supply of attractive models. Even a car salesman would find that a tough sell.

For cars, read new houses. Only one in four consumers would choose a home built in the last 10 years. That means even if the shortage of mortgages can be solved and the undersupply of homes can be tackled, there may remain an acute shortage of potential buyers. Too few people want to buy one.

Our research at the Future Homes Commission, published today, shows the reasons why loud and clear. Not enough space in the rooms. Not enough storage. Not enough natural light. And not enough flexible spaces for communal and private living or changes in the household over time. In other words, they don't think new homes are built for the needs of modern families in the ways that Victorian and Edwardian houses were.

Read the rest of the article about this shortage of demand for houses here: BritishNewBuildHouses

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