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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

O2 #3 'Truth About Dishonesty' sheds Light on the Lies we Tell (via USA Today)

Be honest. Would you cheat if you were certain you'd get away with it?
Best-selling author Dan Ariely says most people cheat — but just a tad. He calls it the fudge factor.
We cheat up to the level that allows us to retain our self images as reasonably honest individuals, says Ariely, who teaches behavioral economics at Duke.
We want to see ourselves as honorable, he says, but we also want to benefit from cheating. That's especially true when we observe others around us cheating — fudging their taxes, boosting pens from the office supply cabinet, underreporting the number of miles they drive each year for insurance purposes.
Read here, this interesting presentation of another great book of Dan Ariely: Dishonesty

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