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Monday, 11 June 2012

CO2 #3 Sweets make you dumb, but salmon makes you smart (via AlaskaDispatch)

There's bad news for sweets lovers out of the University of California. A study from there indicates corn-syrup-laced sweets could make you dumb. But you might be OK if you eat your bonbons with a side of salmon -- or better yet, eulachon.
The UCLA findings, published in Journal of Physiology, "also show omega-3 fatty acids helping to negate the effect,'' reports Medical News Today.
Salmon, especially fresh Alaska salmon, are loaded with healthy Omega-3s. So, too, are the eulachon, or "hooligan" as they are commonly known.
Those fish are so rich omega-3-laced oil that they used to be called "candlefish." When dried, the fish will actually burn and were sometimes used as candles.
Read more about the relation between food and the brain: SweetSalmon

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