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Thursday, 30 August 2012

CO2 #3 The media informs our choice in way they don’t realise. (And nor do we.) (via The Hunting Dynasty)

Like you, I am a fair-minded, considerate, person. The news I read, the stories I engage with, the information I glean is considered, compared, and compartmentalized against my existing understanding, which is itself, considered, compared, and compartmentalized – and so on. I am never told what to think. Frequently I am told what other people think, but never told what I should think. And if anyone tried, I would disengage.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, it seems. But there’s a trapdoor.
I am never told what to think’ works on two levels as far as our 

cognition is concerned; explicitly and implicitly. Explicitly it’s easy 

to spot, ‘vote for me’‘I’m right when I say . . . ‘, etc. The implicit 

takes a lot more work to recognise, and is – arguably – more 

persuasive. Let me explain. 

Read this interesting article about implicit influence here: 

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