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Monday, 28 May 2012

O2 #1 Twenty Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips (via TippingResearch)

Approximately two million waiters and waitresses in the United States depend on tips for their income. These servers would benefit from knowing and using techniques to increase their tips. This manual offers twenty such techniques. All twenty techniques listed here have been experimentally tested and found to increase tips. Not all the techniques work for all servers in all situations, but many are universally applicable.
The techniques are as follows: use makeup (for waitresses); wear something unusual; introduce yourself by name; squat down next to the table; stand physically close to the customer; touch the customer; smile; compliment the customer’s food choices; repeat the order back to the customer; build the check with suggestive selling; entertain the customer; forecast good weather; write “thank you” on the check; write a patriotic message on the check; draw a picture on the check; call the customer by name; use tip trays with credit card insignia; give the customer candy; provide tipping guidelines; and play songs with pro-social lyrics. The techniques are described in detail, together with the experiments that demonstrate their effectiveness and the reasons I think they work.
Learn about this amazing and useful, specially for waiters, work here: 20IncreaseTips

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