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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

CO2 #2 Why Couples Fight About Money (via Something You Should Know)

Mike Carruthers:
Money is probably the biggest reason couples fight. So why is that?

Deborah Price:
We’re very wired to react and be irrational and illogical when it comes to money because it’s a core survival issue.
Deborah Price, author of the book The Heart of Money...

So knowing that we have to give people structures to be able to communicate and the very first thing, if you’re starting to notice that you’re unhappy or feeling uncomfortable about something is to just talk about your feelings without blame. “I’m feeling uncomfortable about our financial arrangement and what I’d like to do is to sit down and let’s talk about it so it doesn’t become a problem because I love you and our relationship.” That’s a very non-blaming proactive way to communicate.

Hear the audio podcast here: CouplesFightMoney

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